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1-Charles Henry Perrin b. 1793, (Stroud,Gloucester,UK)

+Emma Smith

2-Henry Perrin b. 1819, Gloucester,United Kingdom., d. 22 Mar 1861, Collingwood,Victoria,Australia

+Sarah Bingle b. 1827, Gloucester,United Kingdom., d. 6th Jan.1904., Hotham,WBA

3-John Perrin b. 28 Jun 1852, Stroud,Gloucester,UK, d. 11 Sep 1924, Collingwood,Victoria,Australia.

3-William Perrin b. 1855, U.K.

3-Sarah Perrin b. 1858, Collingwood,Victoria,Australia

3-Frederick Jones Perrin b. 1865, Collingwood Flat Vic.

2-Mark Perrin b. 1822-1827, Gloucester,United Kingdom., d. 22 Dec 1863, Deniliquin,New South Wales,Australia.

+Marianne Jones b. 1831-1834, Cheltenham or Edgeware,England, d. 27 Jan 1885, Deniliquin, NSW, Aust

3-Infant Born On the "Thames" Perrin b. 1852, d. 23 or 25 Nov 1852

3-Daughter Of Mary Cronin Born On Board The "Thames" Cronin b. 1852, On Board "The Thames",

d. , Hay NSW

3-James Charles Perrin b. 8th April 1854, Collingwood Flat, Vic, Aust., d. 2nd Oct. 1873, (Deniliquin,

NSW, Aust.)

3-Mark William Perrin b. Jul 1856, Collingwood Flat Vic., d. 13 Sep 1867, Deniliquin, NSW, Aust.

3-George Henry Perrin b. 14th July 1858, East Collingwood,Victoria,Australia, d. 14th Apr 1936,

Deniliquin,New South Wales,Australia.

3-John Orlando Perrin b. 20 Jul 1862, Collingwood Flat Vic., d. 4 Aug 1960, Deniliquin, NSW, Aust

3-Alfred Ernest Perrin b. 29 Jan 1866, Deniliquin, NSW, Aust, d. 7 Feb 1941, Deniliquin, NSW, Aust

3-Ellen May Perrin b. 29 Jan 1866, d. 25th Jan 1945, South Perth, Western Australia



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